Online Authentication
ID cards become online security tokens

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Simple and secure online authentication

Of all authentication solutions presently available, PassWindow is the most:

  • Cost effective
  • Secure
  • Easy-to-implement

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PassWindow is...

  • An incredibly simple, yet also extremely secure dynamic password solution
  • Free from client hardware or software, requires no batteries and cannot malfunction
  • Able to securely authenticate the client to the server AND the server to the client
  • Able to transmit transaction information securely to the user through the visual challenge
  • Secure against trojans, viruses, phishing, keyloggers, social engineering, and MITM attacks

PassWindow has been evaluated in an independent whitepaper.

How does it work?

  • PassWindow is a unique key pattern printed on a transparent section of a standard identity card.
  • Users simply hold their card over a generated pattern image on any display to reveal a new series of digits – a single-use password.
  • Users enter this new unique password to authenticate securely.
  • Unusual monitor sizes are easily handled with a simple adjustment of the challenge image which is then saved to a cookie or user database. Try it yourself with our online demo!

Potential applications

PassWindow can be used whenever strong, cost effective, and secure authentication is required:

  • Online banking; online cloud-computing services; online shopping
  • User logins; online membership
  • Document authentication
  • Product packaging for customer authentication
  • Payment cards, identity cards, medicare cards, company cards, club cards, gift cards, prize cards, political voting cards...

PassWindow benefits

PassWindow on laptop
PassWindow on tablet
  • In the wake of recent security disclosures, PassWindow has the security advantage of your company being able to print cards in house with a standard card printer. Avoiding any potentially compromised outside manufacturers.
  • Do away with password memorization – 2FA authentication obviates necessity for passwords.
  • Usable on any electronic display – PCs, laptop, mobiles – no specialized software or hardware required.
  • Works with all graphical operating systems and web browsers
  • Disaster proof – PassWindow can continue to operate without Internet, communications, or even electricity. Users simply authenticate off printed challenge patterns using their same card keys.
  • No need to redirect the user away from your website for third-party verification – PassWindow challenge patterns are delivered directly from your own secure web server.
  • Excellent fallback protection for security questions, which are currently the weakest security link in many authentication systems.
  • Extremely durable, no flexing problems with internal electronics, waterproof and pressure proof.
  • Unlimited working life – no batteries or electronics, so lifespan is not limited to battery life.
  • Easy to understand – With most software and hardware authentication systems being beyond the understanding of the average user, authentication acceptance and online trust levels are low – PassWindow provides a security mechanism that even children can easily understand.

News highlights

New hosted PassWindow service launched

ShieldPass, a new personal authentication service, launched: ShieldPass is a low cost personal online authentication service that uses a PassWindow authentication system. Cards costing as little as $7 per user are supplied for personal use.

PassWindow wins prestigious award

PassWindow wins at Wall Street Journal Asian Innovation Awards

The Asian Innovation Awards are an initiative sponsored by the Wall Street Journal and Credit Suisse that seeks to recognize and promote the next big ideas in Asia. We feel extremely honored to receive this award and strongly hope that the publicity and awareness generated will help us to promote PassWindow as the most secure, lowest-cost authentication solution available today.

In this photo: (left to right) Almar Latour, The Wall Street Journal; Rt. Hon. Sir John Major; Matthew Walker, PassWindow; Marcel Kreis, Credit Suisse.


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